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You asked: What is Bill Pay

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Bill Pay is a faster, easier way to pay your bills.

With bill payment you can:

  • Pay any business or individual in the U.S. from your computer or mobile device
  • Schedule all of your bills at the Bill Payment Center page. When you enter an amount for a bill, Bill Pay automatically displays the earliest date the Biller will receive the payment. You can accept this date or change it.
  • See a summary of your recent and pending payments.
  • Set up payment Reminders and receive Alerts when a bill has been paid.
  • Receive some of your bills directly into your secure Bill Pay site – these are known as E-Bills.
    • E-Bills are electronic versions of your paper bills available from a large number of companies, such as Verizon, AT&T or DirectTV.
    • You can view and pay these E-Bills at the Payment Center.
    • You can set up automatic payments to pay your E-Bills or to automatically schedule payments that fall within a set amount.
  • Access up to 18 months* of your Bill Pay history at any time.
  • Better manage your finances.
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