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You asked: How do you determine my available balance

We matched that to: How do you determine my available balance?

For your deposit accounts, we provide three balance figures to help you understand your account activity:

  • Available balance
  • Pending transactions
  • Today's beginning balance

Available balance is the amount of money currently available for you to use. It can fluctuate throughout the day based on your account activity.

While your Available Balance gives you a good idea of what's available for transactions today, you'll want to make sure you have enough in reserve to cover any upcoming expenses that aren't yet pending -- such as personal checks you've written or Bill Pay items you've scheduled. Also note that your Available Balance doesn’t include any overdraft protection you may have for your account.

Pending transactions are recent transactions that are already processing. We provide a total of your pending transactions as a helpful way to gauge your account activity. It would not include things like personal checks that haven't been cashed, or scheduled bill payments.

Today's beginning balance is your balance at the start of the current business day. It's not adjusted for any pending transactions. It's updated when the overnight processing of the day's transactions is completed.

Please refer to the Personal Deposit Account Agreement for more information about our Funds Availability Policy, including interest credits and how all other fees are processed.

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