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How do you process transactions?

How your transactions are processed

We process all transactions to your accounts overnight following each business day. This overnight process converts Pending transactions to Posted transactions, and it clears any checks that you may have written out or ACHs (electronic payments) that are presented that day.

For example, if you make a transaction on your account on a Saturday, this process would happen on Monday night since it is the next business day and becomes a posted transaction on Tuesday. However, if Monday happens to be a holiday, the next business day is Tuesday. In this case, that deposit or payment will become a posted transaction on Wednesday. 

Some debit and credit transactions can take longer to become posted transactions based on merchant processing.

For personal checking accounts and money market accounts with check access:

  • When possible, transactions are processed in order of date and time, most closely reflecting the order in which you transacted.
  • They appear in your Account History in the same order that they occurred, beginning with the most recent.
  • These transactions then impact your Today's Beginning Balance in the morning, when overnight processing completes.
  • Extended holds on check deposits may impact your ability to use the funds even though it has become a posted transaction. 

For all other deposit accounts:

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