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You asked: How do I close my account(s)

We matched that to: How do I close my account(s)?

You may close an account by visiting your local TD Bank store or by mailing in a written request.*

If the account has a zero balance, you may also close an account via Online Banking by sending a secure e-mail request or by calling Customer Service at 888-751-9000.

If there is money in the account, it may only be closed by visiting one of our stores or by written request. When submitting a written request, you must include the account number(s) that you are requesting to close. Additionally, for your security, the letter must be signed and notarized.

If your account is a passbook-type account, please include the passbook with the letter. Please send your written request to:

TD Bank, N.A
P.O. Box 1377
Lewiston, Maine

*Does not apply to Small Business Accounts, applies to Personal Account Types only.

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