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Like a fingerprint, a voiceprint is a way to verify who you are. Like the lines in your finger are linked to your unique fingerprint, this print is based on your unique voice. It's composed of over a hundred different characteristics that represent your voice (e.g., the shape and size of your vocal tract). No one else has a voice just like you.

At TD Bank, with your permission, we can use your voiceprint to verify you. We call the technology TD VoicePrint.

With TD VoicePrint, you can help us keep your financial information safe and help reduce fraud whenever you call us.

Enroll today

  • Call Live Customer Service 1-888-751-9000
  • Request to enroll in TD VoicePrint
  • The customer service representative will get you set up

How does TD VoicePrint work?

Simply put, the software does all the work in the background as you and the representative have a normal conversation. Once your voiceprint is captured, you will be asked to confirm your enrollment in TD VoicePrint. 

Once captured, your TD VoicePrint will be stored for future use. A voiceprint is not a recording or something that can be stolen.  It can't be used to gain access to any other system or to create a recording of your voice.  

Then, the next time you call, and for all the calls after (as long as you wish to remain enrolled), you can verify your identify simply by using your voiceprint instead of answering the usual security questions.

TD Bank serves customers who are deaf or hearing impaired and who use TTY (Text Telephone), Video Relay or other Operator Assisted Relay Services.

All Relay Operator Assisted calls, please call 1-888-751-9000.

Customers calling from Canada, use 1-877-700-2913. 

Customers calling from abroad, use 1-856-751-9000 or call collect with operator assistance at 1-215-569-0518.

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